Frustrated Life of a Software Engineer


Frustated Software Engineer

Most of the Individuals who work in IT company, somehow feel that the world owes them a beautiful house, Car, assets which earn them millions in future. but this doesn't happened for everyone and when when they grow older the company starts treating them as "resource" and not as a human.

Below are some of the most common reasons that leads to frustrated life:

  • Tedious, and Repetitious work
  • Continuous competition, to perform as their are lots and lots of people in this IT field.
  • Often micro-managed by bosses, or their work is not appreciated and respected by the bosses. They are Often just treated as a resource in the Company.
  • They will be dealing with a dozen tasks at a time other than what they are initially hired for. Their scope of work will only keep increasing.(more likely as a clerk than an Engineer)
  • They don't even know what they want in life! - Yes, all graduates who have engineering degrees get into IT field simply because they watch their peers, friends and relatives going into the field.
  • Software engineers barely get any time outside their office and by the time they are done with their daily work, all they can do is come back home from office and go to sleep only if they are lucky to get home in time.


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